Friday, April 30, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 26 - Fear the Beard!

So I completed the first 4 weeks of my training. I'm 6 lbs lighter, I've really built up my endurance, and I still have a sore hamstring (although it is getting better). My massage therapist advised me to take it easy for a while till it got better. I told her she was nucking futs if she thought I was quitting now.

I did my first run/bike/run workout on 04.28.10. What a trip! I need to get my transitions a bit smoother, but I think that will get better when the weather warms up and I don't have to take 5 minutes to change clothes.

Next week is a "rest week" (thank Christ). It looks like this:

Saturday: Off / Stretch
Sunday: Run 20 minutes / Bike 120 minutes
Monday: Run 20 minutes
Tuesday: Off / Stretch
Wednesday: Bike 30 minutes
Thursday: Run 30 minutes
Friday: Bike 20 minutes

Seeing as I was the only entry in this years Finnish Face Warmer Contest, guess what? I win!

Here I am with my face bush of massiveness (which my wife hates by the way)

So we compromised!

Song in my Head - Installment #12

Heaven Send - The Devin Townsend Project / Ki

Devin is a musical genius! He plays and writes from his heart. You may not always like what you hear, but that's what makes him good. His music is him. If more musicians were like him, we probably wouldn't have some of the drivel that we're force fed on the radio.


coastkid said...

bet you cant wait for that rest week!`ve earned it,well done

Craigers said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement coastkid, I need all I can get. It's not even so much the shorter workouts that I'm looking forward to, but the fact that I won't have to get up so damned early to get a workout in.

Anonymous said...

So, are you keeping the half and half? Haha!

Craigers said...

I was thinking of keeping it Marla, but my daughter was starting to get a little freaked out.