Friday, April 16, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 12 - Ode to a protein shake

Nothing major to report as far as crazy distances go. Did a 60 minute ride yesterday, which came out to about 15 miles, and a 45 minute ride today, which was about 11 miles. Tomorrow is an off/stretching day. As for next weeks workouts, they are as follows.

Sunday - Bike 90 minutes / Run 10 minutes (first multi-sport day)
Monday - Run 30 minutes
Tuesday- Off/Stretch
Wednesday - Run 45 Minutes
Thursday - Bike 90 minutes
Friday - Bike 60 minutes
Saturday - Off/Stretch

Big Cat has agreed to SAG for me at the end of May when I do my Training Phase I finale in the form of a "mock duathlon". I guess this really won't be a "mock" duathlon, as I really will be doing it, it just won't be organized. Thanks BC for agreeing to help out.

I love my protein shake. It tastes so good after a long workout with all it's choclatey goodness. It's so nice and cold and I actually look forward to it while I'm doing my workout. I love my protein shake.

Song in my head - Installment #8

"Heading out to the Highway" - Judas Priest "Point of Entry" 1981


coastkid said...

well done on sticking to the training regime!
i really should do an event sometime too see how i fair...though i admit to liking doorstep adventures most!

Anonymous said...

Go to the light, Go to the light! the benefits will pay you big in the end, way to go I look forward to being the chase Cat for your training. The Shake is like licking a monkey butt!! butt much needed for your deep recovery.

Craigers said...

Thank for the encouragement guys!

coastkid - I agree that doorstep adventures are much more fun, however I also believe that everyone should try an event like this, even if it's just once, to see how far they can push themselves

BC - chase Cat, I like that. The Body Fortress chocolate Whey Protein shake actually doesn't taste bad.