Friday, May 29, 2009

Product Reviews

I figured I'd throw out some thoughts on some of the "new" products I used over this past weekend. Now when I say new, I mean new to me.

Let's start with my first Twin Six t-shirt. Perfect fit. and just the way I like 'em too with a nice tight neck. Way to go guys.

Next up, DZNuts. First off, I love the name. I'm still trying to comprehend the endless marketing possibilities. People that don't even know what it is commented on the name and logo on the back of my t-shirt. And if you haven't tried it yet, it's worth the price just to read the application instructions. Oh, and by the way, it's a great product too. After 100 miles, no chafing, no saddle sores. Good stuff man!

Camelbak Water bottles are great! First ones I've ever owned, and when I buy new ones, I'll buy Camelbak. I love the fact that you can regulate the amount of water coming from the nozzle by twisting it to be more or less open. Good design.

Clif Bar Shot Blox. The only other time I ever used an "energy chew" was at Earth Ride last year. They gave away some other brand which I will not name because I thought they sucked. Gave me a headache that would not quit. Naturally, I was a little hesitant to try the Shot Blox because of this, but when you start to bonk at 5:00 A.M. after 18 miles and remember you still have 82 miles to go - you tend to be a little more open to things that may help your endurance level. I'm glad I did. I really liked this product. Didn't give me a headache and really seemed to give me that "shot" that I needed to get through this. Just reinforces my love for the Clif Bar line of products.

Carbo Rocket sport drink. Wasn't a big fan of the taste, but then again Gatorade tastes like crap too. Seemed to help keep me hydrated though. At a little over a dollar per single serve pack, I guess it's not much different than buying some of the other crap they market in the stores and this is much better for you (as far as the ingredients go). Maybe I need to try the Kiwi Lime flavor next time.

ProBar. I think I had the "Whole Berry Blast" flavor. Tasted good. Had a lot of good ingredients. Kind of reminded me of Clif Bars. Pro Bar shakes out at a little over $3.00 per bar, while Clif Bar is at a little over $1.00 per bar. Cost would be the only reason I'd stick with Clif. I'm currently experimenting with some of my own "energy" treats. We'll see how they work out.

I didn't get a chance to use my Banjo Brothers seat bag as it was the mini model and that is a little small for the things I carry on my everyday rides. However it is a perfect size to take on a race bike. So when I hit the circuit again next year, after my ankle is 100% and "Crazy Joe" is completed (God willing), I'll give it a try.

Oh I almost forgot. The Wenger hydration pack that I bought over the winter got it's first use this past weekend. Awesome product. No leaks. All tubes and valves worked wonderfully. And for the $15.00 I spent on it, I got a ton of storage spaceas well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets those bikes dirty! I'll try to get some pics on here from the upcomming weekends rides for next week. Maybe I can get one of those damned lake flies to hold still long enough for a photo opportunity.

Kippis - Leave No Trace


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Did It!

Well, we did it. 100 Miles to absolutely nowhere to help fight cancer. Here's a picture of my schwag to prove that I actually did register. AS far of my completion of the 100, you'll have to take my word for it I guess (or ask my wife as she was an eye witness to the carnage that was the post race bonk).
Kept to my plan. I was up at 3:00 A.M. (to actually check the radar as they said we may get rain in the morning). Upon reviewing the radar, I hit pavement @ about 3:30. I really enjoyed the 25 mile loop that I planned out and actually completed it in about 2 hours. The only bad part about "Stage I" was the lake flies that are inhabiting Lakeside Park this time of year. I'm not exagerating when I tell you it was like someone was throwing gravel at my head as I was riding through the park. I could feel my self strating to bonk at around mile 18. When I got bac kto the house, I hamered down a power bar, mixed up some carbo rocket, and gulped a shot blox.
For "Stage II", I wanted to be back home while my wife was getting ready for work incase "Trailpup" woke up. I completed the next 25 miles on my indoor trainer in record time, just over 1 hour (I had my trainer set on the easiest resistance). I hammered another power bar, mixed up some carbo rocket, and gulped a shot blox, to try to stop another bonk episode.
"Stage III", "Trailpup" hit the hay for her nap. I jumped on the trainer again and pounded out another 25 in about an hour. I hammered another power bar, mixed up some carbo rocket, and gulped a shot blox.
For lunch, I chowed on some left over spaghetti, figuring that would be some nice carbs for my system (whole wheat noodles by the way). After lunch I really started to crash, damn near falling asleep. Then it started raining. So much for raining in the morning (thanks again weather dudes).
When my wife got home, it was still raining, so I was forced to complete "Stage IV" on the trainer also. 25 more miles in around an hour. I hammered a pro bar, mixed up the last of the carbo rocket, and gulped the last of the shot blox. I was beat, so that's why it took me till today to post.
At last check I think we raised over $11,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, so congrats to everyone that rode in this race. Thanks again to fatty and all the sponsors. To Anna, Bernice, and Ron; Ruthie and Judy; Josephene; Luke; Gene, Mike, Susan, Shirley, Bob, Diane, Emilie, Dee and Linda, this was for you!
Kippis - Craigers

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fight - Win - Livestrong!

On Saturday, May 23rd, I will be biking 100 miles for the benefit of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) for Cancer research. I guess it's one of those crazy things that someone decides to do when they feel a certain inadequacy, and a need to do something, anything, to help humanity. Now that may be an over statement for the small donation that I will be making to LAF, however, that's how I feel.

First, we need to thank Elden (, and the guys at TwinSix (, for organizing this rather unusual race. For a much better explaination of this race, I'll post this link to Fatty's blog post (

Second, we need to thank the companies that donated their stuff for the "Schwag Bag" (which by the way I have not recieved yet, but I hope it's here before the ride as it contains some very useful products that I'm planning on using during the 100 miles). They are as follows:

TwinSix (T-Shirt)
DZ-Nuts (tube of chamois cream)
Banjo Brothers (seat bag)
Team Garmin/Slipstream & Camelbak (water bottles)
Carbo Rocket (single serve sport drink packs)
Clif Bar (shot blocks electrolyte chews)
ProBar (energy bars)

There are also some door prizes donated. Everything from a MTB vacation in Moab to a gift certificate to a bike shop to magazine subscriptions.

Now the most inmportant part of this ride. The people that are or have suffered with this horrible disease. I will list the people that have touched my life, even in the most subtle ways, that have been afflicted with some type of cancer. I ask you to please post a comment, and list the people that have touched your life that have battled cancer. Before the ride on the 23rd, I'll lift all those names up, and just for one day, for 100 miles, whether those people are still with us or not, we can all ride together (I promise to do all the pedaling). Pass this post along to your friends and family, and ask them to post some names as well. Let's try to get so many names listed that I'll have to take the day before the race just to read them all. I won't post again until after the 100 miles have been completed. Here's my list.

In remission:

Still fighting:

Lost their battle (but not the war):

Please post your lists. I feel strongly that we need to do this. Peace to all of you.

Fight - Win - Livestrong

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ode to my stationary bike

I would like to officially apologize for all my negative comments a few months back in regards to indoor trainers and stationary bikes, for three reasons really.

#1: After breaking my ankle, this was the first form of exercise that was approved by my ortho surgeon. If it wasn't for my stationary bike, I probably would have gained 50 pounds after being essentially layed up for 3 months. So, I'm sorry, and thank you stationary bike.

#2: With the extremely unpredictable Wisconsin spring, and the increasingly "deep" Wisconsin winter, I would not have gotten any exercise at all (even without being layed up), and I probably would have gained 50 pounds. So, I'm sorry, and thank you stationary bike.

#3: After being "forced" to use my stationary bike more than it's ever been used, I realize, I owe it a debt of gratitude for making me a faster cyclist. All the pedaling. All the sweat. All the training...without actually going any where, has increased my out put exponentially. So, I'm sorry, and thank you stationary bike.

After this out pouring of emotion, I've decided to name the stationary bike "Steven" after Steven Hawking. I know this goes against my "Seinfeld" themed naming system, but I don't think I have to explain the correlation between Steven Hawking and a stationary bike.

I'm sorry, and thank you stationar.....Steven.

Leave No Trace - Kippis