Friday, April 30, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 26 - Fear the Beard!

So I completed the first 4 weeks of my training. I'm 6 lbs lighter, I've really built up my endurance, and I still have a sore hamstring (although it is getting better). My massage therapist advised me to take it easy for a while till it got better. I told her she was nucking futs if she thought I was quitting now.

I did my first run/bike/run workout on 04.28.10. What a trip! I need to get my transitions a bit smoother, but I think that will get better when the weather warms up and I don't have to take 5 minutes to change clothes.

Next week is a "rest week" (thank Christ). It looks like this:

Saturday: Off / Stretch
Sunday: Run 20 minutes / Bike 120 minutes
Monday: Run 20 minutes
Tuesday: Off / Stretch
Wednesday: Bike 30 minutes
Thursday: Run 30 minutes
Friday: Bike 20 minutes

Seeing as I was the only entry in this years Finnish Face Warmer Contest, guess what? I win!

Here I am with my face bush of massiveness (which my wife hates by the way)

So we compromised!

Song in my Head - Installment #12

Heaven Send - The Devin Townsend Project / Ki

Devin is a musical genius! He plays and writes from his heart. You may not always like what you hear, but that's what makes him good. His music is him. If more musicians were like him, we probably wouldn't have some of the drivel that we're force fed on the radio.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 22

So yesterday I actually ran for 60 minutes straight (without stopping that is) for a total of 5.8 miles. Oh yeah and before that I rode for 15 minutes. Had some heavy rains move through over the weekend, but I was lucky enough for it to stop long enough to get my workout in.

Hamstring is getting better, slowly but surely. It actually felt it's best in a week after the run yesterday. Great news from the Big Cat. Doc has cleared him to get back on the bike. 2 months ahead on schedule. Congrats brother!

Song in my head - Installment #11

"Another Day" - Dream Theater/Images and Words(1992)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 19 - Week 3 wrap up

Finished out the 3rd week of training with a nice 60 minute ride this morning. Hamstring is still sore, but there is no pain while I'm on the bike. I guess that just means I should be on the bike all day. All workouts have been completed on schedule thus far and I'm now looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow and week 4 starting on Sunday. Here's the rundown:

Sunday: Bike 15 minutes / Run 60 minutes (oh boy)
Monday: Bike 45 minutes
Tuesday: Off / Stretch
Wednesday: Run 15 minutes / Bike 30 minutes / Run 15 Minutes
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes
Friday: Run 45 minutes
Saturday: Off / Stretch

Song in My Head - Installment #10

The Police "Roxanne"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 17 - A little clarification

Just for the record, I am not one of the racing sausages, although clearly from his comment, Big Cat thinks a resemble the Chorizo. I am however contemplating running in the Sausage Run 5k at Miller Park to benefit Brewer charities.

Day 17 brought about another 45 minute run. I squeezed out an extra 4/100ths of a mile over my last 45 minute run. Not bad considering I still have a pretty sore and tight hamstring. Tomorrow and Friday both bring nice long bike rides (yay).

Song in my head - Installment #9

Gustav Holst's "Moorside March"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 15 - Top Secret Training

So I did my first "multi-sport" workout yesterday. 90 minute bike ride followed by a 10 minute run. I did it, but now I have some real tenderness in my right hamstring. If anyone has any miracle cures, let me know, because I'm still planning on staying on track here. I got out and did my 30 minute run this morning. I was a little slower, but I still did it.

I'm now ready to let the cat out of the bag (not you Big Cat - you stay in the bag). All of this running as of late is not just to train for the Kettleman Duathlon - I am also one of the famous Klements Racing Sausages.
Can you guess which one is me?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 12 - Ode to a protein shake

Nothing major to report as far as crazy distances go. Did a 60 minute ride yesterday, which came out to about 15 miles, and a 45 minute ride today, which was about 11 miles. Tomorrow is an off/stretching day. As for next weeks workouts, they are as follows.

Sunday - Bike 90 minutes / Run 10 minutes (first multi-sport day)
Monday - Run 30 minutes
Tuesday- Off/Stretch
Wednesday - Run 45 Minutes
Thursday - Bike 90 minutes
Friday - Bike 60 minutes
Saturday - Off/Stretch

Big Cat has agreed to SAG for me at the end of May when I do my Training Phase I finale in the form of a "mock duathlon". I guess this really won't be a "mock" duathlon, as I really will be doing it, it just won't be organized. Thanks BC for agreeing to help out.

I love my protein shake. It tastes so good after a long workout with all it's choclatey goodness. It's so nice and cold and I actually look forward to it while I'm doing my workout. I love my protein shake.

Song in my head - Installment #8

"Heading out to the Highway" - Judas Priest "Point of Entry" 1981

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 10

For day 10, I completed my most ambitious workout yet. A 45 minute run - equating into 4.41 miles. Good God, what's happening to me? I've cut out red meat, I exercise like a maniac, I preach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I've created a monster and it's me. Mmmmeeeewwwwhhaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Song in my head - Installment # 7

"Stranger in a Strange Land" by Iron Maiden off of 1986's "Somewhere in Time"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 8

Still sticking to the plan man! I haven't missed a day. I'm getting kinda tired though. Thank God tomorrow is an off/stretching day. I have a 45 minute run on Wednesday morning that I'm beginning to get nervous about. Wish me luck.

Song in my head - Installment #6

This song is extremely addicting! I defy any of you, once it's in your head, to try and get it out. LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 5

Well, 5 days into this and I'm still alive. The only thing I changed was yesterday and today's workouts I switched as we got 3 inches on snow yesterday, so I did my 30 minute ride indoors yesterday and ran 30 minutes today. You know I just realized I ran two 5k's this week. Cool. I have an off day tomorrow, so more stretching and yoga.

Next week is shaping up to look like this:

Sunday - 90 minute bike ride
Monday - 30 minute run
Tuesday - Off/Stretch
Wednesday - 45 minute run
Thursday - 60 minute bike ride
Friday - 45 minute bike ride
Saturday - Off/Stretch

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 3

Finished day 3 this morning. I figured I wouldn't have any problem with the workout as it was only a 60 minute ride. I was afraid I may have had to do it on the indoor (yuck), as we had some spring thunderstorms move through over night. But by the grace of God, at 3:00 AM, everything was pretty much done.

Had a whey protein shake, and a "Trail Dog Breakfast Burrito" for breakfast #1. Will be having fat free blueberry yogurt mixed with cheerios, grapenuts, and wheat germ for breakfast #2. Lunch will be a beef roast sandwich on whole wheat bread with low fat margarine and mustard, boiled potatoes and carrots, some pineapple and a low fat granola bar. Having turkey tacos for supper tonight. Of course this will all be washed down with gallons of water.

Song in my head - installment #5
Ace Frehley (Kiss solo album) - "New York Groove"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 1 (a day late)

So I finished Day one of duathlon training yesterday. I was actually able to run for 30 minutes without stopping (3.04 miles). I couldn't believe it. It's true that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it.

I then proceeded to waste all my morning efforts by going to Brewers opening day at Miller Park and having way too much Fat Tire Ale (at least the bottle has a bike on it).

Thank God today is an off day because I don't think I could have worked out this morning. Tomorrow is a "bike" day, so aside from getting up exceedingly early, I know I can handle it.



Friday, April 2, 2010

Song in my Head - 04.02.10

"Wicked Garden" - by Stone Temple Pilots off of "Core" (1992)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's Fool Day

April 1st is here! The last two days it has been 56 degrees at 4:00 A.M. Yesterday we even rocketed in to the 70's. I did a nice 2 mile run this morning (that's the farthest I've ever run with out stopping - felt good).

Duathlon training starts next week. Here's my week 1 workout.

Monday - Run 30 minutes
Tuesday - Off/stretch
Wednesday - Bike 60 minutes
Thursday - Run 30 minutes
Friday - Bike 30 Minutes
Saturday - Off/stretch
Sunday - Bike 90 Minutes

For my stretching, I'm doing standard warm-up stretching teamed up with some basic yoga. I'm trying to learn a new posture every week, but for right now, I just do 3 or 4. Ya know between the yoga and my lustrous beard, I've become very "zen".

Trail Dog's Book Club - April 2010
"Riding with the Blue Moth" - by Bill Hancock

Struggling with the death of one of his children, this book is about the authors cross country bike ride, and dealing with the pain and emotions of his loss. A great read for both the travel aspect as well as how he handled hi situation. As all books about long distance journeys do, this one has inspired me to keep on pedaling, or as Bill says in the book, "put one foot in front of the other".

Song in my Head - 04.01.10
"Middletown Dreams" - by Rush, off of 1985's "Power Windows"