Monday, July 26, 2010

Goal #1 - Achieved

I told myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to run at lease 100 miles. As of today, I cracked that mileage and achieved that goal. Feels good. Now 2 mileage goals left for 2010. We'll see if I can crack them. Sorry I haven't posted much lately, but summer is such a busy time with work and family fun and nice long runs and rides. Gotta take advantage of these days. I still need to get pics of Roadie up. Later.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Gary Comes Unlaced

So Gary and I are out riding yesterday morning when I hear a "POP". I wasn't a pop like I just rode over something I shouldn't have, it was different. I look between my legs to see the left arm of the v-brake kick out to the side every second or so. I also notice my wheel is wobbling like a drunk trying to leave the bar. I rode home.

Upon further review, three or four spokes were undone from the hub. I proceeded to take the wheel down the my LBS, where it is currently under going a "re-lacing". I'm also having them throw a new tire on right away seeing the current one was suffering from MTB tire pattern baldness.

On the bright side, this meant I got to take the new-old Trek 400 series out for it's inaugural "spin" (we'll just refer to it as Roadie from now on). Amazing how much difference a road bike makes in average and max speeds. At least I know that the $50.00 I spent on this beauty was worth it. I'll need to tweak a few things, probably put a different saddle on, and possibly upgrade a few components. I'll look to you, my loyal readers, (this pretty much means you Marla) for advice in this aspect.

Gary should be back to normal by tomorrow afternoon.