Monday, April 26, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 22

So yesterday I actually ran for 60 minutes straight (without stopping that is) for a total of 5.8 miles. Oh yeah and before that I rode for 15 minutes. Had some heavy rains move through over the weekend, but I was lucky enough for it to stop long enough to get my workout in.

Hamstring is getting better, slowly but surely. It actually felt it's best in a week after the run yesterday. Great news from the Big Cat. Doc has cleared him to get back on the bike. 2 months ahead on schedule. Congrats brother!

Song in my head - Installment #11

"Another Day" - Dream Theater/Images and Words(1992)

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Anonymous said...

Dog, I get so excited reading about all this training and cant wait until my endurance returns, anticipating the first outdoor ride but working at getting the head back on straight first, feel so tired after work. I am also happy to read about your progress keep the faith Bro, it is giving me strength! Happy biking be safe and "Get Bent"