Friday, April 23, 2010

Duathlon Training Day 19 - Week 3 wrap up

Finished out the 3rd week of training with a nice 60 minute ride this morning. Hamstring is still sore, but there is no pain while I'm on the bike. I guess that just means I should be on the bike all day. All workouts have been completed on schedule thus far and I'm now looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow and week 4 starting on Sunday. Here's the rundown:

Sunday: Bike 15 minutes / Run 60 minutes (oh boy)
Monday: Bike 45 minutes
Tuesday: Off / Stretch
Wednesday: Run 15 minutes / Bike 30 minutes / Run 15 Minutes
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes
Friday: Run 45 minutes
Saturday: Off / Stretch

Song in My Head - Installment #10

The Police "Roxanne"

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