Friday, February 25, 2011

New Blog!

Hey everyone. The new blog is up and running. I'd love to have all of you come and join me there.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gary gets a new wheel

Almost sounds like a children's book title. Hello all! Hope everyone is well. Glad to report Gary's new wheel cam in yesterday and I'm going to pick it up this afternoon. If you remember, I broke 5-6 more spokes back in November (I think it was).

I took Marla's advise and asked my LBS to just re-lace the whole wheel. He did some checking on costs and on the condition of the wheel, and we determined it would be best to just replace it (must've been all those years of carrying my lard ass around).

At any rate the new wheel along with some degreaser and dry lube will be my purchases tonight. I've really had the itch lately to do as much of my own upkeep as possible. Thanks to Bike Snob NYC's article in a recent issue of Bicycling "The Great Mechanic Within"

New blog is in it's early stages and will be more about the healthy lifestyle which I think allows me to talk not just about cycling, but also running, healthy eating, and just being active in general. I'll keep you all updated.


Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lost Blogger?

So I did a little reflecting over the weekend. I think the reason why I have fell off the face of the blogging earth over the last year, is because my life has changed. What this blog was originally set up to be about, is no longer what my life is.

I began this blog to reflect and share all the times that I had on the biking trails either by myself or with my friends. Meaning mountain biking. Trail riding. Single track. Double track. Hence the name of the blog - Trail Dog Tracks. TRAIL.

Over the last three years however, the trail part turned into more road riding, the riding turned into a lot of running, and the next thing you know - I'm a multi-sport junky. I may even go so far as to switch the word "junky" with the word "athlete".

Funny how these things occur, but I never meant it to happen that way. What started out as innocent way to get a little more fit and have some fun, has turned into a full on lose weight, and be competitive kind of thing.

There, I said it. I admitted it to the world and now maybe I can move on. I think new title for this blog is the first step. Not sure what it should be, but any suggestions are welcome. After that, you'll probably see the content of this blog change a bit as well. I hope that doesn't chase anyone away so to speak. I'm very grateful for my hand full of regulars, and I hope you'll all continue to read.

With that being said, I'll now throw caution to the wind and see where my instincts take in regards to this blog. Until the next entry my friends.