Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kettleman Date announced

Redline Triathlon Club has released the date for the 2010 Kettleman Duathlon. Sunday September 26th, 2010. That gives me approximately 8 months to train.

As running is my weakest of the two sports, I've been hitting it hard the past few weeks trying to first get my wind up well enough to get to at least 2 miles with out walking. As of yesterday I'm up to a 1.25 miles. Once I hit the distance, then I'll worry about being competitive.

I've downloaded an 8 week duathlon training course that I plan to do twice before the Kettleman. Once starting at the beginning of April, and then again 8 weeks before the Kettleman.

The new Garmin has been a great training tool as far as the running is going, and I anticipate it will be equally as good for biking. Still trying to figure out all ins and outs of the machine though.

On a more serious note, let's all keep the Big Cat in our thoughts and prayers as he works through a leg injury. That's all I'll say about it for now until we know more, but it's always good to send him some positive vibes, as I know from personal experience last year that a guy can get real down in the dumps when dealing with an injury that inhibits his physical activity.



Friday, January 8, 2010

Addition to the Arsenal

Monday I decided to order a GPS. After riding with the Big Cat this past summer and seeing how his GPS blew the doors off of my bike "computer", I decided all I wanted for Christmas was a little accuracy. After quite extensive reaserch, I decided on the Garmin Forerunner 205.

This little number is worn like a watch (although I have also ordered the quick release bike mount), and is ideal for multi-sport athletes. This is going to be crutial as I enter into duathlon training.

I check my email on Tuesday morning, and I have a tracking number. I check the tracking number and it says that my new toy will be delivered sometime on Tuesday. SWEET! Now that's service with a smile, they provide the service and I smile.

Haven't got into it to heavy yet, but I noticed it also came with soft ware so I can upload my workouts to my computer. All you techies can check out the specs at

2010 is looking good already.



Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, 2009 has come and gone. I look back on the year with a half smile on my face and remember some of the high lights (and low lights).

I start the year by sleeping in my recliner for about a month while my broken ankle healed. I smile when I recall celebrating my daughter's first birthday. Slowly, I began to rehab the bionic ankle, and by the middle of February, was at least able to hit the indoor trainer.

By March, I was itching sooooooooo bad to get back on Gary, that I started riding and almost suffered a hint of frost bite on my hands, but at least I was back in the saddle. I continued through April just getting my strength back. I also started running alot more as well.

May brought about the anticipation of the first organized ride of the year, which then later also brought dissappointment as I had to skip it to go to a wedding. To make up for it ,I participated in Fatty's 100 miles of no where.

June and July brought nothing but training. My speeds were faster than the year before, my endurance was greater, and my recovery got better. I'm not riding the tour any time soon, but for a guy that topped out over 300 lbs 3 years ago, I'm happy with where I was in 2009.

In August, I did my longest single day ride of 40 miles with the Big Cat, to help me train for Earth Ride '09.

September, my wife and I celebrated our 10th aniversary by vacationing in North Carolina's Outer Banks. Two days after my return, I did my new longest single day ride of 50 miles for Earth Ride '09.

October, November, and believe it or not, December, brought more training and trying to get in as many miles as I could before the snow flew. And when it finally did, it did with a vengance, dropping 14" in one sitting.

More for my purposes than for anyone elses here's my season stats:
Cycling Miles - 837
Indoor Stationary Miles - 924
Crosstraining Miles (Running) - 89
Total Fitness Miles - 1850

In 2010 I hope to crack 1000 miles of "real" cycling, 100 miles of running, and 2000 overall miles. I'm looking forward to Unity Ride, Earth Ride, and 100 miles of Nowhere, as well as adding my first Duathlon with the Kettleman, and maybe some other new ventures. 2010 is shaping up to be a great year already, I mean, at least I'm not gimped up right?

Here's some reading and listening for you for the month:

Trail Dog's Book Club:

"The Lost Symbol" - By Dan Brown

Another "can't put it down" read by Mr. Brown. Bottom line is whether you enjoy his subject matter or not, Dan Brown is a gifted author, and a true joy to read. I will say this, this is the third book with Robert Langdon as the lead character (DaVinci Code; Angels & Demons), and he's starting to get a little predictable, but still, better than 80% of the new books written these days.

Tunes from the Trail

"Six Times Dead" - by Primal Fear

I've realized that all the good new metal comes from Europe. Not the band Europe, but the continent. Primal Fear hails (mostly) from Germany, and these have just kicked me arse all over for the last month or so. Metal does live!