Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That's a BIG Staple

I don't think I shared this story when it happened. 2 1/2 weeks ago. October 10th to be exact. I was out for my usual Saturday morning ride. I rounded a corner and I felt that I had run over something. As I continued to pedal, I could feel an obstruction everytime my rear tire came around. I anticipated that something was caught between the wheel and the frame, or the wheel and the brake lever, or something to that extent. So at the next stop sign I proceeded to look.

What I found was something that actually punctured my tire. It didn't look very thick or large so I decided to pull it out and continue riding. I got my Park Tool multi-tool (cheap plug) out and yanked to metal from my rear tire. It was then that I heard the dreaded hiiiiiiiisssssssssss. It was dark out yet, so I adjusted my position so I could use the streetlamp to see waht I removed. What I saw was the BIGGEST STAPLE that I have ever seen. I'm talking a staple that may have been used on a weight reduction surgery for an elephant. I'd say it looked similar to the one in the top row, second from left in this picture.

Quickly, I tried to stick it back in my tire (to plug the hole of course - this plug was cheaper than my previous advertisement for Park Tool). It worked for about 500 ft. I then walked the remaining 3 miles home. Needless to say, I replaced the tube that day and was ready to roll again, but I'd figured I'd share one of my "hiccups".

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Goal.....reached

This morning at about 4:20 A.M. CST, I reached my goal for the 2009 season. I have succesfully pedaled 651 miles this season (my goals was 650 - double last season's mileage). So from here on out, it's all extra. So now I'm looking to set my goal for next year. LEt's hear what you guys think. Please feel free to post waht you think my goal should be for next season. Please keep a few things in mind before you post 2000 miles:

1) This is Wisconsin - we have snow and winter here
2) The most I've ever riden in one shot has been 50 miles (excluding stationary bikes and not saying that I wouldn't ride further than that.
3) I have a 21 month old at home, so time is at a premium.

All reasonable suggestions will be considered.

In the mean time - October reading? Read "The Masked Rider" by Neil Peart. It's all about his cycling journeys through Western Africa. As usual from Neil, very well written and a great read.

October Listening? Well it's October so that means Halloween. My Halloween suggestion for music? King Diamond. If you don't know King Diamond, just listen with an open mind. Lead singer for Mercyful Fate, and sucessful solo artist, King is an aquired taste, but being as everything he sings about has to do with the occult, when ever Halloween comes around, I break out my old King Diamond albums. From the 1989 album "Conspiracy" here's King Diamond with "At the Graves" (that's how Casey Kasum would've said it).

Die with your boots on!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Training Weekend

Well as the weather begins to change, I am starting to find it harder and harder to get out of bed on cold and dark mornings. This weekend though was enough to help re-focus my energy on continuing training and staring to plan my winter training regimen.

As far as riding goes, I think I've become a much stronger cyclist over the past year. Jonny K kept telling me as such during Earth Ride. I as usual, shrugged it off until I sat and calculated my stats. To do some of those hills number 1, without getting off my bike (which I couldn't have done last year), and number 2, keeping a dan near 14 MPH average is impressive to a super clydesdale such as myself. You hear that rumbling coming up behind you? It's the dog. That's right, like a freight train coming down the track baby. This weekends training rides solidified my suspisions. Both days 12 mile rides. Saturday in 50 minutes. Sunday in 49 minutes 47 seconds. That comes out to a 14.25 MPH average, roughly. Immagine if I rode a road bike? Blow the doors off of these times.

Winter regimen still in question but getting closer to a solid plan. Of course, I'll incorporate the indoor trainer. I'll keep my schedule as is for now until the first snow fall, then "Gary" hangs on his bat perch for the winter. I'd still like to run as much as possible, as I think I'm becoming a stronger runner and I'd like to try a duathalon next year. I think I'm going to add some weight training and supplements into the winter training as well. Still up in the air for right now though.

Andy did go to his 62 mile ride this past Saturday, but only did the 25 miler as he claims to have been ill. (I'm sure he actually was sick, I just like giving him a hard time).