Monday, October 6, 2008

WOW, That's Cold!

Alright, I finally got to test my cold weather gear in dry weather. It consists of cold weather compression pants, a long sleeve compression shirt, shorts over the pants, a fleece 1/4 zip over the shirt, sock, shoes, a stocking cap, and my usual riding gloves(Lizard Skin Kimono (Cheap plug - still looking for a sponsor)).

Saturday - 3:57 A.M./31 Degrees
I planned on getting in my 20 loop around the city. Sure seems cold. About 20 minutes into it, the blood started flowing and I was pretty comfortable. About 40 minutes into it, my toes started to tingle. At 1 hour my toes were numb. I had reached a decision point. If I keep going on the loop here, I will need to finish the full 20 miles. If I divert, and turn off, I'll get less than 20 in but I should be able to keep my toes. I decided to divert. Finished the day with 16 miles. Guess who's going to get some warmer socks?

Sunday - 3:57 A.M./35 Degrees
I knew that today would only be a 10 miler. I picked up some Columbia Cold Weather Socks(another cheap plug). These socks are worht every penny of the $10 for two pair. I was completely comfortable for the whole 10. Seasons total now up to 232. Not alot, but quite the feat for a guy that only had 37 in at the August mid-point. I hope to crack 300 miles before the snow flies. Should be "do-able". If I get in more that that, even better.

I've decided that at the first post of every month, I would share some stats with you. Not just stats on my month of riding, but stats on my "life change". I know not everyone wants to hear about the fat boy's 2 lb weight loss, but I feel it necessary to convey my progress, as this is a huge change in lifestyle. As of the first of October, I weighed in at 276 lbs. A 9 lb loss since the beginning of August, and a 29 lb loss since January '07. My heaviest weight was 305 lbs. I fluctuated a bit through '08 as I finally quit smoking as well. Amazing what a 7 lb little pesron can do to you. I'll keep you all updated through this journey.

Pedal through it


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