Thursday, October 9, 2008


The Wigwam Mountain Bike Challenge is this weekend in Sheboygan, WI. It's a fun weekend of racing activities. Check out for more info. Here's a map of the single track trail course that goes through Quarry and Evergreen parks.

I'm only going to do the racing clinic for extreme first timers to learn the basics of MTB racing. It's a 2 hour clinic to show folks the basics and then give a ride through of the course (which is highlighted on the map).

I must admit that I am feeling a little nervous. I haven't done any kind of singletrack riding in 15 years. Gary is a much better ride than "Murray" was (my bike 15 years ago). Imagine someone that you know either from TV or in real life named Murray. My stereotypical Murray would be an old Jewish fella bitching that his soup is too cold at some NYC deli. That's kind of how Murray rode. Old and stale. By the way, Murray still resides in my basement. A sort of rest home for old bikes.

The weather at least is now supposed to be nice. 76 degrees and sunny. But we all know how my experience with weathermen goes. My luck they'll change their stories at 2:30 when the clinic starts at 3:00.

So if I can get past my nerves and put on some kind of good showing on this trail (at least a good showing in my own mind), I think I'll probably register as a first time racer for next year's WORS series(I think I should still try to find some kind of sponsor). If I do register, then I think I'll need to buy (or build) a bike specific to racing, and use Gary for road and joy rides. Any thoughts as to racing bikes from anyone is appreciated.

I'll update again after the weekend and let everyone know if that section of the trail that is noted as "Puker Factor", actually forced me into full cookie heave.

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