Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Birds with One Stone

Those of you that read this regularly will probably remember my "I hate weathermen" post from a few weeks ago. Well the ride that I was trying to complete that morning, finally got completed yesterday morning. I completed the Prairie Trail (which I had done before), and the Peebles Trail (which I had only completed a part of thanks to the weather that day).

The Prairie Trail is a 7 mile paved trail that runs along Hwy 151 and skirts the outlying city of Fond du Lac. The only good thing to come out of the botched 151 by pass project is this trail. I run this one on a regular basis as part of a training ride for endurance races and rides, and just to get out as it is a nice trail for family rides as well.

The Peebles Trail is a 5.6 mile stretch of abandoned rail road bed that runs from Fond du Lac to St. Peter. Not a real long trail, but the challenge here being the ascent from the "bowl" of Fond du lac, up the Niagra Escarpment (yes Niagra, the same stretch of limestone cliffs the gives us Niagra Falls), into St. Peter. This time I finally made it. One small step for the Trail Dog, one giant leap for....well it's a giant leap for something anyway. The descent was well worth the pain of the ascent.

You can see by the trail maps that I've linked(if they work), that the Prairie and the Peebles cross right around Taycheedah. There is a section then where the Peebles breaks off and goes in to Fond du Lac to the west, while the Prairie continues south. This section of the Peebles is crushed limestone and a real nice jaunt through the woods.

The Rockhopper is enroute from Idaho. Currently somewhere between Spokane, WA and Wisconsin. I'm starting to get anxious. Everyone have a great weekend if you can help it. Get those bikes dirty and stay warm.



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