Thursday, October 16, 2008

I need practice / First snow of the season

WORS posted the results from the Wigwam MTB Challenge on their website. I need some major practice. They don't post first timer times, but the next class after that is Citizen and I would clearly be Citizen Clydesdale 34 & under. The fella that won that class did 10 miles in about 50 minutes. Now if this was on the road, I could pull off 10 miles in 50 minutes with a little more effort. My time for the Wigwam was 45 minutes for 5 miles. I clearly need to work on this. I'll be varying my training through the winter to do more short, fast rides, rather than all endurance. And maybe get in some single track as long as I can fit it in between hunting weekends. I don't feel a need to get shot by some idiot that cant tell the difference between the sound of a deer and the sound of a clydesdale (biker that is). It's better to just stay in the city on hunting weekends and do the short & fast rides.

On a lighter note, my friends in Nye, Montana got their first snow fall over the last weekend and have sent some pictures. Around 19" I belive the news said on Sunday. Winter's comming! These pics, while beautiful, are a grim reminder of last seasons snow fall in Wisconsin. Let's hope we can keep it a little more reasonable this winter. With that being said, enjoy the pics



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