Monday, October 20, 2008

Racing frame is on it's way

I won the high bid on a frame on Saturday. Its' a Specialized Rockhopper. The pic from the seller doesn't show well on here, so when I get it, I'll take some neew pics and post them. So now I have the frame and the front and rear deraileurs. Looking at front suspension forks next. I plan on racing at least 2 WORS races and 1WEMS race next year. Hey Big Cat, what do you think about throwing some 29" wheels on that trike and forming a 4 man, 12 hour endurance team?

On a sad note, Jonny K has accepted a new position at a different employer. While I'm excited and happy for Jonny and his family, I can't help but be a little selfish and wish that he would stay here. After all, he was the person that got me back into cycling seriously, and I find it makes for a more pleasurable work environment with him around. All the best Jon.

Looks to be a miserable week weatherwise in the great state of Wisconsin. Hopefully by the weekend things will dry up a bit so I can get in the 33 miles I need to reach my season goal. I think I should be able to reach the 300 mile mark without any issue, as November and somtimes even December can prove to be bike worthy months. Until next time.




Jonny K said...

We'll just have to find more time for bike rides, that's all!

Keep in touch, you dude.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan, if I train hard this winter we could always attach a trailer that way I could do all the work while you enjoy a nice Chianti and some cheese!! It's great to hear that you reached your goal congratulations Trail Dog, Friday made 1,000 for the Big Cat "Giddy Up" live happy ride hard and "Happy Trails"

Craigers said...

Congrats on 1,000 Big Cat. That's quite an accomplishment (worthy of a blog post I'd say). Talk to ya later

NorthWoodsGuy said...

Let me know what you think of the Rockhopper. I've been riding the same Trek for 10 years now and am looking for something new and the Rockhopper has definitely peaked my interest.

Craigers said...

We'll do Northwoodsguy. It may take me a little while to get it on the trail as this is my first build, but I'll let you know how it handles. I'm riding an '03 Fisher Advance right now and that will become my "trail tourer". I think I'll outfit it with panniers and stuff and use it for more long, overnight trail trips. The rockhopper will strictly be my stripped down racer. If you have any ideas on forks, brakes. or any other parts feel free to let me know. Thanks for posting