Monday, September 28, 2009

Mascoutin Valley Trail (East Leg)

It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I did the west leg of the Mascoutin Valley Trail ( Check that post to refresh your memory - I know I had to.

The east leg runs entirely through Fond du Lac county, and I am very pleased to say that it is much more well kept that the west leg. Approximately 20 mile from Fond du Lac to Rosendale and back, this stretch runs through the Eldorado Marsh State Wildlife Area.

I was a beautiful day for a ride as my friend Andy and I headed out. Andy's doing a 62 mile ride next weekend, and desparately needs to log some saddle time, so I took this as a great opportunity to get some more miles in as well.

The stupidity of people never seems to amaze me. This is a state recreation trail. Signs at every road crossing state this as well as no motorized vehicles allowed. After a bridge crossing, I saw what I thought to be a car facing me. As I drew closer, I realized that it was a mustang facing me, but it wasn't coming at me, it was backing up. The numb nuts drove all the way down the trail till he came to a bridge and realized that he could drive across it. He had no place to turn around, so his only course of action was to back down the way he came from. I proceeded to pedal harder and faster, until I caught up with "numb nuts", and forced him to pull off to the side so I could pass him. What a douche bag!

A little while further up the trail, I saw another vehicle coming at me. A little Toyota Prius. This time I actually stopped and said something to "dill hole". I asked if he was lost. He said, "No where just out for a drive". I proceeded to tell him that he was driving on a state rec trail that DID NOT allow motor vehicles. He asked if there was a place to turn around and I told him no so he'd have to back out the way he came too. His wife actually tried telling me that there were no signs saying that they couldn't drive on it. He must have seen the look on my face and pretty much told her to shut up. Again I say, what a douche bag!

Here are some pictures. Enjoy



coastkid said...

looks like a good trail,thats funny folk driving down the trail!,it dosnt happen in scotland much on footpaths as until the 1990s gamekeepers would fire a shotgun over your head!,after various incidents with firearms and tightning of gunlaws it dosnt happen now but people still fear gamekeepers!

Craigers said...

Funny you should mention the use of firearms. A portion of this trail runs parallel with a shooting range, while a portion of the west leg runs PERPENDICULAR to a shooting range. They actually have to close that section of trail when there are people shooting so no one dies. Nice.

Jonny K said...

Great pictures, Trail Dog.

Keep 'em coming.