Monday, September 21, 2009

North Carolina's Outer Banks (The OBX)

Okay, so I have enough material for at least two posts. Let's start with the trip to the OBX. I will be completely honest and say that while it busted me up on the inside, I didn't pedal at all while on vacation. I analyzed my situation and came to this conclusion: If I can ride somewhere that I wouldn't be able to at home, I'll pedal. I vacationed with that theory in the back of my mind. I did go running on the beach in the mornings (as that is something I don't have the opportunity to do in FDL).

While out walking with the Mrs. one morning, I noticed two Pugsleys in rack with the rentals at a local bike shop. I proceeded to run into the shop. I asked the gal behind the counter what they charged to rent one of the "pugs". She said I could BUY one, not rent one. She was kind of a bag so I left. I did go to another shop, Kitty Hawk Cycle Company( ). Even though I didn't rent, I did buy a shop T-shirt, and Michael, one of the owners, and I had a very pleasant conversation about riding, Twin Six, and other nice things that cyclists talk about. If any of you are in the OBX and need a rental or parts or anything "bike", go visit Michael at KHCC. Thanks Michael, I'll wear my KHCC shirt with pride.

The rum was great (in case you were wondering coastkid), and the atmosphere was even better. Here's some photos to wet your whistle. Check out the OBX Visitors Bureau for more info ( )

Views from our balcony

If you zoom up on this one you can see the dolphin coming up for air

Penny Hill Sand Dune

Wild Horses of Corolla

There's a beer commercial in here somewhere

OBX Sunrise

Not sure what this structure is but it made a good picture

OBX Sunrise #2

Tame that gator!

My new friend Tortuga

Smile Pretty!


Anonymous said...

Never a need to explain Trail Dog this is all part of the program, the pics are great glad to see the gator didn't get the other ankle. Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent”

Craigers said...

Good one on the "other ankle" comment BC. Good riding with you again last Saturday. I'll post my pics as soon as I get them off the cam.

coastkid said...

oh i like the look of that sand!.pity you didnt get a pug ride in to see what its like riding on sand,what a great place for a holiday!

Craigers said...

I was pretty disappointed about the pug situation coastkid, but I decided not to let it get me down, and luckily I did get to meet the great folks at Kitty Kawk Cycle, maybe they'll rent some pugs in the future. Honestly, I can't think of a better bike to ride in the OBX than Pugsley. Maybe I should move down there and become a Surly dealer.