Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Training Weekend

Well as the weather begins to change, I am starting to find it harder and harder to get out of bed on cold and dark mornings. This weekend though was enough to help re-focus my energy on continuing training and staring to plan my winter training regimen.

As far as riding goes, I think I've become a much stronger cyclist over the past year. Jonny K kept telling me as such during Earth Ride. I as usual, shrugged it off until I sat and calculated my stats. To do some of those hills number 1, without getting off my bike (which I couldn't have done last year), and number 2, keeping a dan near 14 MPH average is impressive to a super clydesdale such as myself. You hear that rumbling coming up behind you? It's the dog. That's right, like a freight train coming down the track baby. This weekends training rides solidified my suspisions. Both days 12 mile rides. Saturday in 50 minutes. Sunday in 49 minutes 47 seconds. That comes out to a 14.25 MPH average, roughly. Immagine if I rode a road bike? Blow the doors off of these times.

Winter regimen still in question but getting closer to a solid plan. Of course, I'll incorporate the indoor trainer. I'll keep my schedule as is for now until the first snow fall, then "Gary" hangs on his bat perch for the winter. I'd still like to run as much as possible, as I think I'm becoming a stronger runner and I'd like to try a duathalon next year. I think I'm going to add some weight training and supplements into the winter training as well. Still up in the air for right now though.

Andy did go to his 62 mile ride this past Saturday, but only did the 25 miler as he claims to have been ill. (I'm sure he actually was sick, I just like giving him a hard time).



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