Friday, September 11, 2009

Rum so nasty it could kill the devil.

So it's off to North Carolina early Sunday morning. I'll be offline for about a week or so, but I hope to have some great pictures to share with you all upon my return. I also hope to get some cycling along the beach and through the east coasts tallest sand dunes. I'll feel like I'm riding with coastkid with some of the scenery around the Outer Banks.

We're staying in a place called Kill Devil Hills. Rumored to have gotten it's name from the rancid rum that would wash up on shore from ships that had been plundered by pirates. This rum was so bad, it was said to be able to "kill the devil". The whole area is rich in history. The next town up the coast is Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of flight, where the Wright brothers mad their historic first flight. Should be pretty cool.

The Saturday after I return is Earth Ride 2009, so I'll a pretty busy week to say the least. I'll post as soon as possible.

Blog at you when I get back.



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coastkid said...

that sounds like a great place to visit,sounds ideal for the pugsley!,look forward to seeing pics when your back,take it easy with the rum!