Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mascoutin Valley Trail (West Leg)

The Mascoutin Valley Trail comes to us in two parts. The west leg from Ripon to Berlin, WI, and the east leg from Fond du Lac to Rosendale, WI. The section between Rosendale and Ripon is privately owned and will probably never be secured by Fond du Lac county to complete the trail (never say never). On May 10th, '08, my buddy Weg and I decided to tackle the west leg (9 miles one way - 18 miles added to the Traildog Tracker). It's about 2 miles from the trailhead parking lot to the Fond du Lac - Winnebago County line. Here's two pictures standing at the county line. The first one is looking south into Fond du Lac County. The second is looking north into Winnebago County.

Pretty evident that Winnebago County doesn't take this trail quite as seriouslty as Fond du Lac. As a side note, once you got through Winnebago county, Green lake County did do a much better job of keeping their part of the trail groomed. Green Lake County is actually the best part of this trail. There was even an old rail car loading facility out in the middle of the woods that was all grown over (pretty cool). Only scary thing was once you get almost into Berlin, you ride right through the middle of a sportsman's club trap range. Here's a sign that you don't see every day. So that's our adventure on the Mascoutin Valley West (nobody got shot thank God). Someday I'll get to the east leg. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I should be able to keep up from here on out. The Traildog Tracker stands at 51 miles as of today (08.27.08). Been getting out EARLY on Saturday and Sunday mornings to get my legs back. Pedals (Jon) and I are doing Earth Ride '08 to bennefit the Maywood environmental park in Sheboygan, WI on Septmeber 20th. No word yet from the Tinkler as to whether or not he will be joining us. For more info on Earth Ride go to We're going to do the 25 mile tour this year. Thanks to my first corporate sponsor Countryside Designs of West Bend, WI for helping out with the registration (maybe next year we'll see some jerseys). Keep your eyes peeled for updates and changes as my cohorts and I become more serious about this cycling thing.
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