Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Training for Earth Ride '08

4:30 A.M. is a great time to ride a bike. My wife thinks I'm nuts for getting up that early, but what she doesn't understand yet is that at 4:30 A.M.; I own the road. Car traffic is extremely minimal, and human contact is nill (which sometimes is a good thing). I think my Pastor explains it best, "there are two kinds of people, those who get their batteries charged when they talk to other people, and those who get their batteries drained when they talk to other people." I'm definately the latter, so a nice 10 mile ride in the small hours is a great "re-charge". I upped the ante to 10 miles on all three days of the long weekend (which by the way takes the Trail Dog Tracker to 81). I was extremely disapointed on Sunday when I saw that my ride time increased by one minute. I shrugged it off because my max speed increased by 3 MPH, so I figured I just burned myself out too soon. I was then supremely disappointed on yesterday morning when I saw that my ride time increased by FIVE MINUTES from Saturday. Not sure the reason for this, but as a more "green" rider, I think it may have something to do with getting to know what gear to be in when just by the feel of the gear (cuz that early in the morning, I sure can't SEE what gear I'm in). Oh well, live and learn. Next weekend I think I'll up the ante again and try to get two 15 mile rides in (before my wife or daughter wake up). On a fun note, my 8 month old daughter and I were on the Jumbo-tron at Miller Park in Milwaukee, as the Brewers handed the game to the Mets (way to go Gagne). If any one has any training tips, thoughts, or words of profound wisdom on my methodology of training, please feel free to comment. Later.


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