Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sometimes, the battles that are fought within are the hardest ones to win. As I sit and look through some pictures of one of the latest houses that I designed (those of you that know me know I make my living as an architectural designer), that conflicting feeling is starting to rear it's ugly head again.

On one hand, I feed my family by designing new homes and light commercial structures (not the most lucrative career, but only I'm looking to take what I need from this world). I like designing. I think I'm pretty good at it (been doing it for 14 years). Aside from retail and factory work, it's the only work I know. It's fun getting to talk to people from around the country and sometimes getting to go see the houses.

On the other hand, I feed my spirit and soul while enjoying the beauty of nature by biking, scuba diving, hiking, running, or just sitting and watching. I have a deep seeded belief that this state, this country, this WORLD, is being developed way to quickly. I can't help but think that maybe some of the older homes in populated areas can be refurbished and remodeled and keep some of the outlying areas for farmland, parks, or recreational trails. I want my daughter to be able to enjoy biking as much as her mother and I do. Maybe I'm getting too worked up over nothing, but when in the 10 years that I've lived in the city I live in, I've seen the city limits stretch out 5 miles in some directions, it makes me think. Is that just progress? Then I look and see some great old houses that have been standing for 100 years standing vaccant, while 20 new houses are being built in an area where just last year I saw wildlife. It's almost heartbreaking in some aspects. Maybe I'm just too "old school". Ok, I'm done venting for today. But the battle rages on.

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