Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn is Coming

Saturday morning was beautiful with temps in the mid 50's and no windw to speak of. I decided to get in a 20 mile ride (the route that I was trying to get doen the week before Earthride when the weather ((and Gary)) wouldn't cooperate with me). This time we got it done however.

I've resigned myself to now trying to make sure that I ride through Lakeside park when I do these early morning jaunts around town. There is something about riding through there, especially this time of year with the leaves begining to turn, that is very calming and peaceful. Here's a shot from the harbor of the lighthouse that I got from another website. This would have been my view on Saturday morning had I rode through about an hour later (and if Gary was able to float as this was taken from a boat).

So I decided that Sunday morning, I would actually bring my camera along and shoot some pics in Lakeside Park. Well, once I got out into any kind of open area, I realized how much cooler it was out than Saturday morning. The wind was coming out of the north at probably 10 mph. Add that to the temps already in the low 50's and I and I was feeling it. By the time I got to Lakeside, I could really tell how that wind was blowing , and I tried to take a picture, in the dark, from the lighthouse looking at the opposite side of the harbor, where the waves were crashing against the rocks. I'm not a great photographer, and my camera isn't the best, but I think this give you a little bit of an idea.
So after seeing the waves, and feeling the wind, I think mother nature is hinting that fall has set in, and not far behind that, winter. I guess I better get some new long-johns if I plan to keep riding year round.
I appologize if anyone that reads this is inclined to cheer for the New York Mets, but here in Wisconsin, we can't help but be happy that they tanked in September again so the Brewers could get into the plyoffs fro the first time in 26 years. Go Brew Crew!!!!!
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