Monday, September 22, 2008

Earth Ride '08

Well, Maywood Earth Ride ,08 has come and gone. What a great day! What a great ride! So now you'll have to sit through pictures and stories. Get the popcorn going.

Met up with Jonny K around 8:00. Rode down to the starting line where they had bike a station set up for bike repairs (luckily neither one of us needed any). We were greeted by a giant racoon (at least I thinik it was a racoon), evidently the Maywood mascot. Here's a shot of Jonny K and I with our new fuzzy friend.

We proceeded into the main building at Maywood, which by the way is a beautiful structure, to have a little continental breakfast. They put on a real nice spread with fresh fruit, bakery, energy bars, (and gels - yuk!). We both had our first experience with energy gels. Taste like dung - but boy did that give me a kick in rear at the beginning of the ride.

After we had our breakfast, we were walking back to the bikes when I saw a familiar face. I had to do a double take as he looked a little different but the face was unmistakeable. A friend of mine from years past and his wife were doing the race with two other people and being billed as "Team Lasky".

I was nice to see Tiny and Jenny again. Now that I know they're into this sorta thing, maybe we'll see more of each other at other rides. Ah, yes - bicycling - bringing people together. By the way, the way congrats to both Tiny & Jenny as they have both visibly lost weight and look great. Tiny shared with me he's dropped 138 lbs. Keep it up guys! Hopefully I'll join you in the weight loss column now that I'm "back in business".

Well, now it's time to start the ride. Mass start, being led out by our "fuzzy friend". I give that dude alot of credit for wearing that coon outfit all day in 75-80 degree temps. Being it was my first official "ride", I wasn't sure what to expect. Started a little slow for my taste (especially after that power gel). Once we got out of Maywood and we broke away from the "peloton" so to speak, it was a great ride.

Jonny K says O-tay

At the starting line.

I had a God awful, incesant, clicking about 7-8 miles into the ride. Neither myself, nor Jonny K could figure out what it was. We stopped at Whitetail Bowhunters Sportsman's Club for a rest stop. I messed with the gear rings a bit, and we never really heard the clicking again after that. I think Gary needs a tune up.

Whitetail Bowhunters Rest Stop

From here on out it was smooth sailing. Some nice down hill runs that we were able to top out at 24 mph. Tiny caught up to us again right at the end as we crossed into the Maywood drive way to the Sheboygan North High School Cheerleaders cheering every rider to the finish.

A very nice lunch was put out for all the riders. We had a sub and a bowl of soup. They did have courtesy massages, but I took Jonny's advice and thought better of it.

My thanks to all of the people and companies that made it possible for me to ride via the pledges they donated. I also have to give kudos to Maywood for puting ona great ride. And thanks to all the volunteers that gave of their time handing out snacks or manning th SAG vehicles. Everyone was exceptional. That's all for now.

Pedal through it.



Jonny K said...

Thanks for the ride, Craig. I had a blast and look forward to doing more with you.


Craigers said...

Thanks for inviting me along Jon. I'm glad to finally find someone that enjoys doing this kinda thing. Let's keep the cycling lifestyle goin.

Becky said...

Hey there it's your sister! I don't think this is a dumb blog. I think it's cool. And I'm so proud of you that you had the motivation and the energy to do this! The most exercise I've done since I quit the gym was a Dancing for Dummies DVD mom mailed to me.

Way to go! I have a feeling you and Gary have a beautiful relationship starting.

Craigers said...

Thanks Bec,

Hopefully this will be that start of some fun adventures. I'll keep you udated through here of all the rides. Talk to ya later

Anonymous said...

It was good seeing you again buddy it has been to long, remember the "Woop Woop" days. Stay true not only to your wife & daughter & yourself but to your family and you will enjoy a wonderful ride not only on your bike but this roller coaster we call everyday life. I will keep track of your adventures and hope to be a part of them, take care Craigers "Big Cat" wishes you the best !!!

Craigers said...

Hey Big Cat,

Thanks for posting. I hope we can have some of these rides together in the future. I see you're starting your own blog. I made sure I was the first to be a "follower". Can't wait to see your first post. Hope it's ok if I add you to my blog list. See, dog's and cat's can live together.