Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Opinions and Comment welcome - Please

So I'm probably going to be buying my first road bike in 20 years. I've got a great line on a late '80's Trek 400 series (dirt cheap I might add). Anyone out there have any thoughts on this bike? I've heard pretty good things about it. Please add any comments you may have about this particular ride. Thanks everybody.


Courtney said...

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Anonymous said...

I think I looked at one of those 400 series a loooong time ago. I'd say that they ride well being small diameter steel. Is it butted? (better ride)
Unfortunately, I bought an aluminum frame...so didn't get the experience.

Craigers said...


You're gonna have to explain the "butted" thing to me and my soft brain. All I know is I can't even buy a "box store" bike for what this guy is willing to part with this Trek for. My biggest concern is, will I be able to upgrade parts on a bike that old?

Anonymous said...

Ahh. Butted means that whoever made the tubes kind of thinned them out in the middle and left them thicker on the ends, where the welding occurs and the stress.

My questions to you are, what components are on it? How many gears? If it's a seven speed, well to upgrade you'll have to change a few parts to 8, quite a few to 9. If it's a six speed, well, that's not easy.

Let me know as much as you can and I'll try to help out. Email me if you need, it's on my blog about page.

Craigers said...

I know it's an 8 speed (16 I guess really - 2 big and 8 small). It looks like all the original parts. I'll research it a little more and then e-mail you what I find. Thanks.