Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gary - What's going on?

So I read Gary Fisher's facebook post from this morning. What does this mean Gary? Are Gary Fisher bikes no more? Will the only product I purchase with your name on it be a Trek - Gary Fisher Collection? I'm so lost and confused. Somebody help me!


You have beautiful penmanship Gary, and are a snappy dresser to boot.


Anonymous said...

I saw it too. Was confused at first. He's saying that he'll have more people to do the bikes...not sure about that. Wonder if the Fisher group will be absorbed by Trek or let go? Interesting, to say the least. I saw someone told him to basically not pull a LeMond! He agreed that would be a bad idea!

Craigers said...

He also released a facebook post later that said the Subaru-Gary Fisher Team was now going to be Subaru-Trek Mountain Bike Team. Complete absorbtion?