Monday, July 12, 2010

Gary Comes Unlaced

So Gary and I are out riding yesterday morning when I hear a "POP". I wasn't a pop like I just rode over something I shouldn't have, it was different. I look between my legs to see the left arm of the v-brake kick out to the side every second or so. I also notice my wheel is wobbling like a drunk trying to leave the bar. I rode home.

Upon further review, three or four spokes were undone from the hub. I proceeded to take the wheel down the my LBS, where it is currently under going a "re-lacing". I'm also having them throw a new tire on right away seeing the current one was suffering from MTB tire pattern baldness.

On the bright side, this meant I got to take the new-old Trek 400 series out for it's inaugural "spin" (we'll just refer to it as Roadie from now on). Amazing how much difference a road bike makes in average and max speeds. At least I know that the $50.00 I spent on this beauty was worth it. I'll need to tweak a few things, probably put a different saddle on, and possibly upgrade a few components. I'll look to you, my loyal readers, (this pretty much means you Marla) for advice in this aspect.

Gary should be back to normal by tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I had a wheel basically come apart on a ride home from work years ago. It was unnerving coming down a hill and being on the verge of losing it!

Great buy on the bike! Awaiting pics:)

Jonny K said...

I sure hope Gary is going to be OK!

Craigers said...

Marla - pics forth coming.

Jonny - His procedure should be done this aft. Keep him in your prayers (sniff-sniff).