Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sometimes things just work out...

So I'm looking at all the dates of rides, and runs, and races coming up and I actually realized the the Earth ride is actually the weekend before the Kettleman! This is great news. This means I can go and do a 70 mile ride on a 9/18 and then compete in a duathlon on 9/26. I actually am excited that I can do both of these events.

Song in My Head installment...???

I have to put this song up because sometimes the only way to get the song OUT of my head is to post it, and I've had this one floating around up there for weeks. Dream Theater's cover of Iron Maiden's 1983 "To Tame a land" from the Piece of Mind album. After hearing this cover, I realized I've never read any of the "Dune" books by Frank Herbert. This song is based off of Herbert's epic sci-fi saga.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, put on your best the Big Cat is doing the Met Century for Maywood Big Dog let the fun begin! Happy biking be safe and "Get Bent"