Monday, April 27, 2009

Theory of a Deadman

Remember a couple weeks back when I was so pissed about missing the Unity Ride? I found the cure for my negative feelings. I've agreed to ride 100 miles on May 23 in the "100 miles of Nowhere" ride sponsored by Twin Six ( ) and Fatty ( ). Proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It's a $75.00 pre-registration ($50.00 of that going directly to LAF). I've decided that if I receive any donations above and beyond the $75.00, I'll cut one check for the excess to LAF on the day of the ride (contact me or post here if you'd like to donate ((I'm not real good with online fund raising))).

The ride itself will actually be the "deadman" portion of this post. I think I may actually have signed my own death certificate on this one. 100 miles in one day!?!?!? I'm f$%&ing crazy! How in the blue blazes can I ride 100 miles in one day. The most I've done at a crack is 25. The boys are aching already. When I think about it though, if I end up in a little pain the day after, it's nothing compared to what some of these folks that have been stricken with this horrible disease are going through or have gone through. When I think about all the people that have touched my life, even just a little bit, that have gotten the bad news of cancer (including my own mother), I realize I can do this. (Insert gratuitous support from readers here).

The "theory" part of this post is the most interesting, and really, the only reason I can make this work. 100 miles of Nowhere is not an organized event in the usual thinking of the word. This ride is essentially an honor system ride. As I have a 16 month old at home, the conventional wisdom of a 100 mile ride on a Saturday without changing her routine is virtually nil. However, with the way Fatty and Twin Six have set this up, I can head out and do 20 or 30 miles before she even wakes up. I can get in another 20-30 miles while she takes a nap (because I can use my indoor stationary). And I can finish off when my wife gets home from work. If it rains, I'll just do all 100 on the stationary. This is a perfect system for me. Thanks Fatty and Twin Six for putting this together!

It rained all weekend here in FDL-WI. The city actually got the pumps out and put them at strategic places around town in case we started flooding again. Although the last time they did that and it flooded, the pumps really didn't work all that well. Oh yeah, you need to actually turn them on before there's 3 feet of water in the street (bureaucratic idiots). Didn't get to hit the trails at all but I did throw 37 miles on the indoor. Maybe next weekend.

Leave No Trace - Kippis,



Anonymous said...

Good luck my brother, just remember that there is a large amount of biking season left, nothing wrong with pushing yourself but remember that your body is still recovering from the "ankle" incident. As far as the Unity Ride I have decided that its a go rain or shine, told Miss Jenny to have the warm towels ready!! Any way as Larry the Cable Guy would say "Get er done" remember "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent"

Craigers said...

My head will be with you on the Unity Ride even though my body will be sitting through a wedding. I hope you have nothing but sunny skies (although this time of year in our neck of the woods - anything can happen).