Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Unity Ride for me!

So I didn't even get a chance to start the cycling season and I've already had to scratch the Unity Ride from my list. Last week, I received and invitation to a wedding on the same day as the ride.

My initial thought was: "OK, I can do the ride, skip the wedding, and still go to the dinner and reception." My voice of better thinking (AKA my wife), informed me that "that would be rude".

I'm kinda pizzed. I know, you only get married once (well most people at least). There will be more rides this year. It just blows that it's the first ride of the season. That it's the first ride after my surgical ankle repair. I just feel that I don't have an immediate goal to shoot for anymore. Am I being selfish? Yes I am. I just felt like I needed this ride. Any ideas from anyone on how to get out of this funk would be appreciated (i.e. another ride, a little biking trip on a Sunday afternoon, I don't know).

As far as getting back into the "swing" of my fitness week, I'm well on my way. Monday, Wednesday, Friday is 4 A.M. wake up and a nice jog. I've got myself up to the 1 mile course. My ankle is a little sore after, but nothing too bad. Tuesday, Thursday is 4 A.M. wake up and stationary bike. Saturday, Sunday is early wake up (depending on how long I want to ride), and hit the road or trail. The Sat, Sun rides have been few and far between due to the weather, but hopefully this weekend, I'll be able to get both days with at least a 10 miler each day. I've also decided to do the One Hundred Push Up Challenge. I just started this on Monday, so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks to all 5 of you that voted in the Finnish Face Warmer Contest. After counting and recounting the votes, I have been declared the winner for this year. Congrats to the Big Cat for coming in 2nd out of 2. It was a tight race that came down to one vote.

I've found a great list of the top 100 books for men. After I'm done reading the one I'm into now, I'll start the list. I've already read 4 of the 100 so only 96 more to go. More to come on that in later posts.

Let's all keep Jonny K's niece Anna in our thoughts and prayers as she battles cancer. I'm not sure what her exact age is, but I know she's way too young to have to go through this in her life. If Jonny reads this post, maybe he can comment with a little more info.

Here's wishing everyone a blessed Easter!




Jonny K said...

If momma aint made the right call. There'll be plenty more rides. Let me know when you have a weekday off, and we'll hit the trails!

Anonymous said...

No problem Dog, there is plenty of summer on the way, besides nothing beats a happy home. We still need to plan a Saturday to ride let me know what works. I will be hitting the trails hard starting this week, I got a early vacation from work, only 2 weeks I hope. Hope your Easter was well Miss Jenny let me go high tech. this will be a future blog posting. Kippers buddy “Happy Trails, Safe Biking and Get Bent”

Jonny K said...

Anna is two years old. They're still not sure of the exact kind of cancer but they've started a 54 week chemo treatment plan