Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise. " - Aldo Leopold

A great quote from arguably the greatest conservationist the world has known. I hope it enhances your Earth Day. I won't share all of my feelings on ecology and conservation as I find some of them may be a little "against the grain" so to speak. Let's just put it this way, I don't believe anything the government tells me about our environment at face value. I research, and form my own educated opinion and conclusion (as well as everyone should).

Let's use global warming as an example. Is it an issue? Yes, I believe that it is. I also believe that al gore has bended and twisted the real issue for his own gain and notoriety. The things that we put in to our atmosphere are definitely effecting life as we know it. Should we cut back our even try to stop to a certain level? Yes we should. It is a little publicized fact that while automobile emissions and coal fired power plants (the villains of our story) do contribute to air pollution, emissions from residential furnaces contribute more annually to green house gases.

I'll stop now as not to offend anyone. We had snow here yesterday in FDL-WI. Actually accumulated as slush on the ground. So it was in the 70's last Friday, it snowed yesterday, and we'll hit upper 70's to low 80's on Friday. Riding has really been hit or miss lately as the majority of the good weather has been during the work week.

I'm in week 3 of the "Hundred Push Up Challenge". I haven't had to repeat a week yet, but it's getting increasingly more difficult. Thanks to M11 Pilgrim for turning me on to that one.

At any rate, riding will become a more dominant part of my life again as we warm up here in Wisconsin. Hope to get some good pics to share with all of you from my rides as well. I've added some more blogs to my list in the nature section in regards to the "leave no trace" theory. I like to practice this when I'm out riding, hiking, camping, etc. Check out the home page and blogs if you'd like. I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Frank Lloyd Wright

"I believe in God, but I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E" - Frank Lloyd Wright

Leave No Trace




Anonymous said...

Greetings and Happy Earth Day to you and yours also, warm weather is on the way, hope to get a few miles in on Thursday and Saturday morning before another round of rain, no snow, I sooo confused anyway great post "Dog" peace and harmony to everyone who rides (A bike) of course. Just remember "Nothing beats the smell of fresh horse dung on the bike trail!!" "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent"

Craigers said...

Thanks for the kind words BC. I'm assuming that the dung you speak of is on the old plank. I saw numerous spots that contained what appeared to be horse apples as I was driving along 23 last week. I'm all for sharing the trails man, but why can't people that use the trail help to keep it useable for others? Pick up your dog feces, shovel up the horse droppings, and for the love of all that is holy, why did they ok the use of certain motorized vehicles on that trail? Talk about screwing it up for cyclists, runners, walkers, and roller bladers. It all stems back to "leave no trace" my brother.

Anonymous said...

You are correct about the House Apples & Old Plank and as far as the other motorized vehicles a ban on those wouldn't hurt, lost a mirror to one while on my Saturday trek to Greenbush but I will not rant! spring is here and still waiting for my friend "Dog" to call so we can make plans for our first ride seeing Unity was scratched Ho Hum sometime in July perhaps? let me know I have minutes to spare on the cell!!