Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Am I actually faster after ankle surgery?

Could it really be possible that I am faster after surgery to repair a broken ankle? If I go by my average speed, I am. After my 6 mile jaunt on Saturday morning (which by the way felt extremely good once I got my dead arse out of bed to do it), I checked, as I always do, my computer to log the ride stats so I can tell if I'm actually getting better.

When I looked at this days numbers, I was rather shocked. I went back in my log to find the first ride of last years stats. My average speed was a miserable 7.6 mph. I then checked the last ride of last year. Average speed 10.5 mph. I was astounded to see that my average speed for saturday was 11.1 mph (this being only the second ride of the season). I guess all those indoor training rides helped keep me in the same riding condition (actually a bit better) that I was in last year. I'll never doubt you again Big Cat. Now I can't wait to get out again next Saturday.

In case you missed Jonny K's comment about his neice Anna, she's 2 years old and the exact type of cancer hasn't been dignosed yet. Let's keep the prayers coming for her!



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