Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reunited...and it feels so good

No, I didn't just get Peaches and Herb's Greatest Hits. I actually planted my hind end on the Maestro on Saturday. It was only a one block ride to the bike shop, but it felt so right. The Maestro is currently at FDL Cyclery getting the once over (turn your handlebars and cough please). Some of you will remember (especially Jonny K), that I had this God awful clicking in my bottom bracket at the end of last season. I'm hoping he just needs a good lube job.

Two months till the Unity Ride. I think I need to start training. Two posts ago I reported a temperature of -4. Today we could top out at 70 degrees. Welcome to Wisconsin! Maybe I'll start with a nice 5 or 10 mile jaunt on Saturday morning if the weather stays dry. For the Unity Ride, BC and I are shooting for the 35 mile excursion, so if nothing else, my arse needs to become familiar with the saddle again.

Here's one for the road. People getting racked up is just funny. Here's a compilation vid for your viewing pleasure. Some of the language is questionable so keep the kids out the room.




Texas Trekker said...

Hey Craigers,

Funny videos and good stories. I hope your warm temps continue and you are able to train outdoors. I need to go to bed so that I can ride in the morning before work.

Good night and take care.


Craigers said...

Thanks for posting and following. I'm filling in with some BS right now, but things will pick up around here once "the season" starts. Bear with me. Hope you enjoy your morning ride (I'm jealous)

Anonymous said...

Let the countdown begin, loved the post, now the only clicking will be from you ankle, looking forward to the Unity Ride it will be a nice way to kick start the season, “Happy Trails, Safe Biking and Get Bent”