Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lt. Dan, I was running

So I had my first shot at crosstraining since the great ankle incident. Now before the "slip", I was running 2 miles - two to three times per week. On Thanksgiving Day I even got in a 5K. I am by no means a "runner". However, I do believe in the benefits of running and I think crosstraining is good for my biking as well.

I told my therapista that I wanted to get back into running again as well as biking, so the last two sessions she was working me on the eliptical. I know it's not running, but it's all my ankle can take for right now. I was stoked to be kinda "training" for something again. So I've got a mile in for crosstraining so far.

I can't wait for this winter to be done so I can get back to some resemblance of what I percieve as "normal". Hit the roads and trails with the Groove Family Cyclo. I think I might even take a trip this year and check out another state for some biking (more to come on that later). Anyway, springs' right around the corner. Raining as I write this (on top of the snow we had on Sunday, what a mess). Till next time.



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