Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jonny K gets pinched by the Federalis

So the other day, I get an e-mail from Jonny K telling me this story. I asked Jonny if I could post it and bill him as a "special guest blogger". So here it is.

So, I wake up to mid 50 degrees with a forecast into the 70's. Here in Antarctica, temps like that cannot be ignored. So I get my homework done for the night's classes, and grab my brother's mountain bike out of the garage. After a quick fill up on air, I'm on my way. It takes my half a block to realize that the tires are not going to hold any air. So it's back home to grab my road bike off of it's indoor training perch that it's been on for the last couple of months.

Back on the road, I feel pretty strong for the first outdoor ride since Maywood, Sept. '08. I would later realize this was only because I had the wind with me, and I do still suck on a bike. I decide to head North to see if I can catch up with my wife and sister-in-law who are shopping downtown. I'm heading North on 8th St. when around a corner, I see one of Sheboygan's finest speaking with some fellow bikers. Being the anti-confrontational type that I am, I think about turning around immediately. Too late, the officer has spotted me and is motioning me over.

I make my way too him, and he informs me that it is illegal to ride on the sidewalks on 8th St. Too many businesses, and they don't want any pedestrian/bike collisions. He then asks me if my bike is registered. Since I didn't even know that they were supposed to be, I informed him that it was not. Off to the bicycle shop to donate some more of my hard earned coin to the city. I guess my higher-than-the-nuts-on-a-giraffe property taxes are not enough. Oh well!

I must say, he was very nice about the whole thing, but it was a little much for someone just trying to enjoy the nice weather on his bike. Maybe I'll just stick to the bike trails from now on.

Jonny K.

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I LOVE that picture!

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