Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy March - News, Weather, & Sports

Sorry I didn't hit March 1st on the head. It's that time once again to give an update for the beginning of the month.

Still cold here in Wisconsin. Wind Chill temp today -4. Alot of ice on the ground from the "ice storm" we had last week. Outdoor activity virtually nill, although I am still hitting the stationary bike in anticipation of being able to get the Maestro on the road soon. Doc says I can ride my bike as soon as the temps are tolerable. What he doesn't realize is that I'd tolerate around 20 degrees. So what he means is probably sometime in April I'll be good to go, but I'll need to wear the ankle brace and treat it like a "sports injury" for probably the whole season.

Time for my listening and reading suggestions for the month.

Trail Dog's Book Club - March '09
"Reflections from the North Country" - by Sigurd F. Olson
First off, thanks to Northwoodsguy for introducing me to the writings of Olson. Olson's Reflections is a collection of essays encompassing his feeling and beliefs of naturalism. Influenced by the likes of Thoreau and Emerson, Olson's essays truly speak to a person on a level that I personally felt exceeded those of Thoreau. Now I am not saying that Olson is any better than Thoreau, because I love Thoreau's writings. I think though that because Olson is more from "our time", his writings are a bit more relevant and hit a little closer to home. An example being a refference to the fuel crisis of the 70's. Alot of what he wrote can be applied to this day and age. I can also personally connect with some of his writings, as he speaks a bit about Lake Vermillion, in Northern Minnesota, where I have not only spent some time, but have designed, and am currently designing, homes for folks on that lake. If you want to learn more about Olson, visit Northwoodsguy at http://www.spriritofthenorthwoods.blogspot.com/

Tunes from the Trail
I'm going against what I usually do by not recommending an album, but recommending a website. I guess that's that way things are done now anyway right? Getting music online? At any rate, I am a fan of alot of different music genre. Anything from Antonio Vivaldi and Gustav Holst, to Jimmy Buffet, to Slayer. My guilyy pleasure though is....Hall & Oates. Call me what you want, but these guys, especially Daryl Hall, are talented musicians. So Daryl hall does a montly website called Live from Daryl's House. What he does is get together with other musicians at his house and they jam. His songs, their songs, somebody else's songs, whatever. It's pretty cool. I make it a point to check out every month on the 15th. the addy is http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/ Check it out. Here's a little taste



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