Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's Welcome the Contestants...

So a few weeks ago I had the thought of doing the 1st Annual Trail Dog Finnish Face Warmer Contest, because in Wisconsin, alot of guys grow beards in the winter to help fight off the fridgid temps. Now that it's almost April, I've decided to post the pics of the contestants. We've got a real big group for the first and the Bigcat. I'l put a poll of to the side so you can vote for the best beard. We're not ZZ Top but this will have to do.

Trail Dog and Bigcat at Earthride '08 (before beards)

Bigcat and Trail Dog (in that order) with beards.

Vote early and often!




Anonymous said...

Damn you look good, all kidding aside this was the first beard that I grew that actually looked good. Unity Ride is getting closer and I have good news, my Corporate sponsorship for 2009 has been approved by Team Lasky for the Unity Ride and the Earth Ride, is these tough times I need to give thanks to my company for again finding the funds to sponsor the Big Cat. Its time to get out the razor and get back to that sexy feel of smooth, good luck stay off the sidewalks “Happy Trails, Safe Biking and Get Bent”

Craigers said...

That's funny, Mrs. Trail Dog said I looked kinda like a serial killer. Congrats on your sponsorship renewal. It looks like I'll be Team Trail Dog for this season (it all goes to charity anyway - except for my races - Hmmmm I better work on that one).

Anonymous said...

Serial Killer mine said that we look like twins, I think I will go back to drinking!!!