Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March comes in like a lamb

It's now March 2nd, 2010, and the month has come in like a lamb. No snow in the forecast with temps in the 40's by the end of the week. I'm a little scared though to think about how the month might end. If the old saying is right, then it will leave like a lion. We'll see what shakes out.

Steadily increasing my distance in the running end of my training. I've got about a month to feel like I'm ready to take on probably the most intense training that I've ever embarked upon. Sometime this month, I'll try to put together my 8 week training schedule so everyone can view it and see what I'm about to do.

Gary was screaming from his perch in the garage to "Let me down you SOB", and "If you don't get me off of this thing, well I'll.... I'll.....you just wait." He's such a diva this time of year. The preseason cleaning will be coming soon and it won't be long now till we're rolling again.

Going in tonight for an hour long "preseason" rub down. Never had a massage from a professional for any more than 10 minutes, but I figured this would be a good way to help loosen me up the season, as well as take care of that pesky neck, and lower back pain, and ankle stiffness (yes the bionic ankle).

Team USA didn't get gold in the hockey tourney :( Try again in four years.

Business at hand.

Traildog's book club - March 2010
"You shall know our Velocity" - Dave Eggers
Genius! Dave Eggers is truly a great writer. Got this one from Neil Peart again. I really believed that I was reading a true story, even though this was a fictional work. Maybe it was the fact that the characters were from Wisconsin, and some of the landmarks that were mentioned, I have seen and know exactly were they are. Eggers' use of the "interuption" chapter was a stroke of genius. Have I used the word genius yet? Can't wait to read more from Dave.

Tunes from the Trail - March 2010

Found out yesterday afternoon the Tom "T-Bone" Wolk passes away on Sunday. "Who's he?" you may say. Well if you don't know the name, I'm almost positive you'd recognize the face. If you ever watched Saturday Night Live in the late 80's to mid 90's, he was the bass player. If you ever saw Hall & Oates live, or in a video, he was the bass player. Most recently, he was the musical director for "Live from Daryls House", which I've posted from before. I could go on for pages about all the accomplishments he's had in his short life, but I'd rather let his music speak for itself. Here's T-Bone jamming with Daryl and Nick Lowe.

R.I.P. T-Bone


Anonymous said...

All this talk of "Rub Downs" is making me feel fuzzy & warm inside, sounds as though you have a good grip on what lies ahead for the 2010 biking season. I wish you much happiness in the biking season that lies ahead. I will see the Doc today and hope to lean more about my PT and rehab schedule for the next few months,had a talk about what happened with my bike this past weekend and all is well, the Catrike is looking forward to the rest. I am looking forward to some very hard work over the next few months which will seem more like a year from what I have been reading, later Bro, hope all is well with your daughter and wife. “Happy Trails, Safe biking and get Bent”

coastkid said...

march is the month the weather really changes here...
daylight hours increasing is alot more noticeable and the woods are starting to green up again...happy days!...