Friday, March 26, 2010

Song In My Head - 03.26.10

It's a well known, but seldom spoken fact that long distance athletes (i.e. runners, cyclists) are notorious for getting songs stuck in there head. I, my friends, am no exception. As a retired musician, I get songs that are a little less mainstream stuck in my head, but (at least I think) are of a greater musical value. So I think I'm going to eliminate the "Tunes from the Trail" portion of this blog, and share the "Song in my Head" instead. This will be quite a bit more random. It could be every day, every week, who knows. So what's in my head today you may ask? "Analog Kid" by Rush off of 1982's "Signals" album. But the version that is in my head is off of "Working Man" a tribute album from 1996. This version features Jack Russell (Great White) on vocals, Michael Romeo (Symphony X) on guitars, Billy Sheehan (Mr.Big, David Lee Roth, Niacin) on bass, Michael Pinnella (Symphony X) on keys, and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) on percussion. Awesome version! Here you are:

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