Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mid-February Daydream

So as I sit here enjoying yet another 8-10" of the white stuff, I close my eyes adnrtbuip;uob - Ooops sorry, let me open my eyes again whilst I'm typing. Any way, I close my eyes and remember a simpler time....well not really simpler, but a warmer time....when I was riding my mountain bike on a race course in Sheboygan during the WORS Wigwam Challenge.

I figured I'd try to see if anyone had any footage from that particular race to post here. I found this one. Not sure who the poster is, but I chose it because #1 it's a helmet cam vid and #2 I like the music it's set to. It's a little "grainy" but you'll get the point.




coastkid said...

cool...dude you need to get a pup with those excellent conditions!,yep they aint cheap..but there fun!

Craigers said...

One of these days coastkid. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Bro! just thought I would check in and say hello, I have enjoyed all your updates. 2010 will be a great year, look forward to you letting me catch up with you!!! “Happy Trails, Safe biking and get Bent”