Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That's a BIG Staple

I don't think I shared this story when it happened. 2 1/2 weeks ago. October 10th to be exact. I was out for my usual Saturday morning ride. I rounded a corner and I felt that I had run over something. As I continued to pedal, I could feel an obstruction everytime my rear tire came around. I anticipated that something was caught between the wheel and the frame, or the wheel and the brake lever, or something to that extent. So at the next stop sign I proceeded to look.

What I found was something that actually punctured my tire. It didn't look very thick or large so I decided to pull it out and continue riding. I got my Park Tool multi-tool (cheap plug) out and yanked to metal from my rear tire. It was then that I heard the dreaded hiiiiiiiisssssssssss. It was dark out yet, so I adjusted my position so I could use the streetlamp to see waht I removed. What I saw was the BIGGEST STAPLE that I have ever seen. I'm talking a staple that may have been used on a weight reduction surgery for an elephant. I'd say it looked similar to the one in the top row, second from left in this picture.

Quickly, I tried to stick it back in my tire (to plug the hole of course - this plug was cheaper than my previous advertisement for Park Tool). It worked for about 500 ft. I then walked the remaining 3 miles home. Needless to say, I replaced the tube that day and was ready to roll again, but I'd figured I'd share one of my "hiccups".


coastkid said...

need to carry a spare tube,lever and pump craigers!,at least it didnt ruin the tyre!

Craigers said...

You're right coastkid. I do carry a pump and lever, but they don't do much good with no tube. Guess what I carry in my seat bag now? That's right, say it with me - T-U-B-E - Tube.