Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Goal.....reached

This morning at about 4:20 A.M. CST, I reached my goal for the 2009 season. I have succesfully pedaled 651 miles this season (my goals was 650 - double last season's mileage). So from here on out, it's all extra. So now I'm looking to set my goal for next year. LEt's hear what you guys think. Please feel free to post waht you think my goal should be for next season. Please keep a few things in mind before you post 2000 miles:

1) This is Wisconsin - we have snow and winter here
2) The most I've ever riden in one shot has been 50 miles (excluding stationary bikes and not saying that I wouldn't ride further than that.
3) I have a 21 month old at home, so time is at a premium.

All reasonable suggestions will be considered.

In the mean time - October reading? Read "The Masked Rider" by Neil Peart. It's all about his cycling journeys through Western Africa. As usual from Neil, very well written and a great read.

October Listening? Well it's October so that means Halloween. My Halloween suggestion for music? King Diamond. If you don't know King Diamond, just listen with an open mind. Lead singer for Mercyful Fate, and sucessful solo artist, King is an aquired taste, but being as everything he sings about has to do with the occult, when ever Halloween comes around, I break out my old King Diamond albums. From the 1989 album "Conspiracy" here's King Diamond with "At the Graves" (that's how Casey Kasum would've said it).

Die with your boots on!



Anonymous said...

I'll have to add Mr Peart's book to my growing list of to read books!

coastkid said...

well done on reaching your goal craigers!,raises self esteam when one reaches his/her goals,hey get a pugsley and that winter snow will be no probs!,

Anonymous said...

Kippers Bro, 2009 has been an outstanding year for all, faith love and the ability to ride is a great combination, glad to hear your goals have been reached may 2010 be better than the last and may biking gods look on you with favor!! "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent”

Craigers said...

Marla - Neil Peart is probably my favorite modern author. Imagine all the great lyrics from Rush's music used to tell a true story, and compiled in a book. Good stuff.

coastkid - thanks for the kudos. Still working on the pugsley situation. Should've bought that one I saw in the Outer Banks. I'll keep looking.

Cat-man-du - '09 was a great year! Looking forward to 2010 and getting in more rides. Unity Ride is only 7 months away.

NorthWoodsGuy said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal Craigers! Looks like just in time too with the way the upper Midwest weather has been playing out. But it sounds like you're not going to let that stop you either. Awesome!

Craigers said...

Thanks Northwoodsguy! Good to hear from you again. I'll pedal until they lay salt on the roads, then take it indoors for a few months. Only good thing about winter is that I get alot more reading done. My list keeps getting longer so hopefully I'll have some good picks in the upcoming months. Take care.