Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Did It!

Well, we did it. 100 Miles to absolutely nowhere to help fight cancer. Here's a picture of my schwag to prove that I actually did register. AS far of my completion of the 100, you'll have to take my word for it I guess (or ask my wife as she was an eye witness to the carnage that was the post race bonk).
Kept to my plan. I was up at 3:00 A.M. (to actually check the radar as they said we may get rain in the morning). Upon reviewing the radar, I hit pavement @ about 3:30. I really enjoyed the 25 mile loop that I planned out and actually completed it in about 2 hours. The only bad part about "Stage I" was the lake flies that are inhabiting Lakeside Park this time of year. I'm not exagerating when I tell you it was like someone was throwing gravel at my head as I was riding through the park. I could feel my self strating to bonk at around mile 18. When I got bac kto the house, I hamered down a power bar, mixed up some carbo rocket, and gulped a shot blox.
For "Stage II", I wanted to be back home while my wife was getting ready for work incase "Trailpup" woke up. I completed the next 25 miles on my indoor trainer in record time, just over 1 hour (I had my trainer set on the easiest resistance). I hammered another power bar, mixed up some carbo rocket, and gulped a shot blox, to try to stop another bonk episode.
"Stage III", "Trailpup" hit the hay for her nap. I jumped on the trainer again and pounded out another 25 in about an hour. I hammered another power bar, mixed up some carbo rocket, and gulped a shot blox.
For lunch, I chowed on some left over spaghetti, figuring that would be some nice carbs for my system (whole wheat noodles by the way). After lunch I really started to crash, damn near falling asleep. Then it started raining. So much for raining in the morning (thanks again weather dudes).
When my wife got home, it was still raining, so I was forced to complete "Stage IV" on the trainer also. 25 more miles in around an hour. I hammered a pro bar, mixed up the last of the carbo rocket, and gulped the last of the shot blox. I was beat, so that's why it took me till today to post.
At last check I think we raised over $11,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, so congrats to everyone that rode in this race. Thanks again to fatty and all the sponsors. To Anna, Bernice, and Ron; Ruthie and Judy; Josephene; Luke; Gene, Mike, Susan, Shirley, Bob, Diane, Emilie, Dee and Linda, this was for you!
Kippis - Craigers


Jonny K said...

Congratulations on completing your 100 miles to nowhere.

Are you ready for the century ride in September?

Craigers said...

I was thinking more along the lines of the 50 miler Jonny

Anonymous said...

All this positive energy is making me feel misty eyed, 50 or 100 it was for a good cause, so pat yourself on the back rub on some Dnutz and smile you da man Bro!! way to Go "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent"

Craigers said...

Thanks BC! By the way - DZNuts feels really nice....I mean it works good....I mean...ahww s&%t.