Friday, May 15, 2009

Fight - Win - Livestrong!

On Saturday, May 23rd, I will be biking 100 miles for the benefit of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) for Cancer research. I guess it's one of those crazy things that someone decides to do when they feel a certain inadequacy, and a need to do something, anything, to help humanity. Now that may be an over statement for the small donation that I will be making to LAF, however, that's how I feel.

First, we need to thank Elden (, and the guys at TwinSix (, for organizing this rather unusual race. For a much better explaination of this race, I'll post this link to Fatty's blog post (

Second, we need to thank the companies that donated their stuff for the "Schwag Bag" (which by the way I have not recieved yet, but I hope it's here before the ride as it contains some very useful products that I'm planning on using during the 100 miles). They are as follows:

TwinSix (T-Shirt)
DZ-Nuts (tube of chamois cream)
Banjo Brothers (seat bag)
Team Garmin/Slipstream & Camelbak (water bottles)
Carbo Rocket (single serve sport drink packs)
Clif Bar (shot blocks electrolyte chews)
ProBar (energy bars)

There are also some door prizes donated. Everything from a MTB vacation in Moab to a gift certificate to a bike shop to magazine subscriptions.

Now the most inmportant part of this ride. The people that are or have suffered with this horrible disease. I will list the people that have touched my life, even in the most subtle ways, that have been afflicted with some type of cancer. I ask you to please post a comment, and list the people that have touched your life that have battled cancer. Before the ride on the 23rd, I'll lift all those names up, and just for one day, for 100 miles, whether those people are still with us or not, we can all ride together (I promise to do all the pedaling). Pass this post along to your friends and family, and ask them to post some names as well. Let's try to get so many names listed that I'll have to take the day before the race just to read them all. I won't post again until after the 100 miles have been completed. Here's my list.

In remission:

Still fighting:

Lost their battle (but not the war):

Please post your lists. I feel strongly that we need to do this. Peace to all of you.

Fight - Win - Livestrong


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coastkid said...

your doing good work there craigie,hows your bike build coming along?,hope the wheels are turning

Anonymous said...

Good luck brother, your a noble inspiration "Judy" Ms. Jen's mother lost her battle "Ruthie" Ms. Jen's aunt lost her battle, may our solider Craig have success with his mission, thank you for fighting for this cause I salute you!!"Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent"

Jonny K said...

My dad, Ron, beat prostate cancer.

My wife's grandma, Bernice, is fighting breast cancer.

My little niece, Anna, is currently fighting cancer.