Thursday, December 11, 2008

Under the Knife!

That's what I get for being a good father and trying to prevent my daughter from getting hurt. (I wouldn't change it for anything cause she didn't get hurt). My cautious optimism has change to a "you gotta be sh*tt%ng me" moment.

My orthopedic doctor has advised me that he has the cure for my broken ankle....cold steel. That's right friends, the Trail Dog will now be the Bionic Trail Dog for '09. Fresh out of the lab with a titanium plated lateral malleolous (aren't you impressed that I know that?). I don't know if it's really titanium, but it sounds so cool. Right now, I'm just looking for anything good about having ankle surgery. Maybe I'll be able to play hockey again? Or have a 20 ft. vertical (look out LeBron)? Nah, I'll just be happy to walk without crutches, or have to rely on someone to put my pants on for me(TMI).

At any rate, say a quick prayer to the Big Guy for the Trail Dog tomorrow around Noon CST. I'll see you on the flip side (provided I don't take too many "mind expanding" drugs).




Anonymous said...

And you thought winter training was going to be easy, the real challange has already started, I hope that things went well with your "Steve Austin" implant, may your recovery be speedy and may you have the patience to allow you body the time it will need to heal, also there will be no excuses come next year the "Trail Dog" has already committed to 50 miles, also set realistic goals and baby steps, we do not need the "Trail Dog' having any more down time, may you and your family be well "Happy Trails, Safe Biking and Get Bent" my friend.

Jonny K said...

I hope the surgery went well, my friend. God's speed on your recovery. Please keep me updated.

NorthWoodsGuy said...

Hope the surgery went fine and you're recovering well!!