Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Does shoveling count as crosstraining?

So I didn't get my usual cardio in on Monday morning due to the snow. I shoveled instead. This made me think. Does shoveling really count as a workout? I mean when I'm done, I'm breathing heavy, just like biking or running. Later that day, my shoulders and arm tend to get a little sore, just like strength training.

How much shoveling does one have to do, to equal a morning run or ride? How many calories does 30 minutes or shoveling burn? I did some research.

According to the federal government (surgeon general to be exact), just 15 minutes of shoveling snow counts as "moderate" exercise. So their theory is that 30 minutes of shoveling snow would fit into the "30 minutes - 3 times a week" exercise plan. They also suggest that you warm up and stretch before doing any shoveling. Shoveling can be compared to bent over rows as far as strength training is concerned. Just remember, the federal governments standards also say that Michael Jordan is overweight.

On a side note, Crazy Joe's Cane Creek Headset finally showed up from China (took about a week longer than anticipated). Kinda neat to se a customs sticker in Chinese. Sorry if me buying it from China offends anyone, but I believe in free trade (and cheap prices).




Jonny K said...

In this barren wasteland of a frozen craphole that we've chosen to live, you'll get plenty of workouts between now and April. Sorry, the snow's got me on edge already.


MojoMan said...

I'm coming to realize that things like shoveling snow, cutting firewood and yard work are the important forms of exercise and time spent exercising in the usual ways (weights, running, gym, etc.) just get us ready for those tasks. I believe the day will come (when the oil runs out) that we will look back on all the energy we wasted on exercise that produced no real work as tremendously silly.