Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 Officially Over

I'm calling 2008. Game over. Yesterday I fell in a parking lot and broke my ankle. I was carrying my daughter, and luckily I compensated in mid fall so she would land on top of me. Unfortunately, the same compensation that saved her from injury, fractured my ankle. I'm on the shelf for at LEAST 2-3 weeks (ER doc said 4-6 but I'm optomistic). I see an orthopedic specialist on Thursday to find out when I can start moving again without crutches.

If anyone has any good training ideas for a guy with one bad wheel that can only really train one leg and upper body, let me know. You know, you never really realize how much you need all you faculties until you loose the use of one. Let the rehab begin. Hopefully the Trail Dog will be back better than ever for 2009.




Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your daughter & you are ok, just wanted the wife to shovel all the snow this winter, hope you got her a nice snow blower, I am sure that we could get "Neuman" to drive you around in the postal van for a while this might be a greater powers way of saying give yourself a few weeks to recover, otherwise start a good streaching program and spend some time planning next year so when you do heal the "Trail Dog" is ready pounce!!!

Craigers said...

Thanks BC,

I gotta admit, with all the riding and running I did this year, especially that single track race, it kinda sucks that I broke my ankle in a parking lot. How dramatic!