Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Only 11 months left

That's right, only 11 months left in 2010. Welcome to February! January came and went, unbelievable how quickly time passes. With a new month brings a new excitement to hopefully hit the bike if we can get some warmer weather. The indoor just hasn't been cutting it for me. Thankfully, I have been able to get out and actually run, however, my times and distance haven't been getting any better (I blame it on the lung burning temperatures we've been having).

The new GPS unit is working extremely well so far and it is very easy to use. I think once I configure it for "Gary", it should be just as easy to use on the bike. Garmin, by the way, has been great. I accidentally ordered just the replacment bike mount bracket reather than the full bike mount and quick release watch band so I can switch effortlessly between bike and foot. They were great about getting me the correct part (they didn't even charge me shipping on the re-order). They even brought up some good points for keeping th part I ordered by accident. 3 cheers for Garmin!

Big Cat has been dignosed with a tear in the tendon (or is it ligament?) that connects the bottom of the quadricep muscle to the top of the lower leg (OUCH!). Good vibes to him in his recovery (as the last time I spoke to him he was going to need to go under the knife). You'll be cruising on the recumbent before you know it brother.

Two months left to grow those fuzzy jaws. I must say mine is looking increasingly champion-esque.

Let's through some reading and listening thoughts for the month.

Trail Dog's Book Club - February 2010
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - by Rober M. Pirsig
Everything you've ever wanted to know about riding across country on a motorcycle with your son in tow after recovering from going insane and beign pushed to the brink of insanity yet again but was afraid to ask. This philisophical masterpiece is a must read as the author goes through his breakdown after, in my opinion, he dost thinketh to much.

Tunes from the Trail - February 2010

Let's mellow it out a bit this month with a clinic that was put on by Stuart Hamm. Stu has been a real inspiration to me with his music as I am a retired bass player. Whether it's his solo recordings or playing with the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, or Frank Gambale, Stu is a master and an inovator, and his music touches a nerve, which makes it good.




Anonymous said...

Thanks...always enjoy some Stu!!

Craigers said...

You're Welcome Marla! Glad to see someone else who actually knows who Stu Hamm is. I swear you must be the female version of me when it comes to music, hehehehe.