Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What happened to July?

Like the Big Cat said, "I won't apologize" for not posting in almost a month. We've had pretty good weather here in Wisconsin, so it was more advantageous for me to enjoy the out of doors and continue training for Earth Ride '09. Hope fully in the next month there will be more opportunities for me to post some rides other than solo training.

Tried to get together with BC and circle tour Big Green Lake, but that fell short thanks to me and my crappy summer work schedule. What was I thinking gettign into aan industry that is busiest when the weather is nicest? I wasn't is the answer.

Got my Aerotech Designs bib shorts yesterday. Look like a good product. Check 'em out http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/

I have nothing to report for the book club this month. #1: I haven't had much time to read with all the outdoor activities I've been doing. #2: The stuff I have been reading hasn't been all that great anyway, but I always have to finish what I start (check my shelfari page if you really want to know what I've been reading).

Tunes from the Trail - August '09

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater

This two disc release from 2002 is sitting right atop my all time greatest list (at least for right now). Disc one is comprised of one of Dream Theater's best songs "The Glass Prison", which consists of riffs and grooves that just makes yo uwant to "crank it up", to one of the most heart wrenching pieces of music I've ever heard, "Disappear", a song about someone letting go of their significant other to a terminal illness. If the words don't touch you, than you may not have a heart.

Disc two is one song, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, a complete work in classical style with modern music. Begining with part I, Overature, all the way to part VIII, Grand Finale.

Till next time - Kippis,


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Anonymous said...

Hugs your way Bro!! we will ride!! 110 miles in two days last week, finally got off the trails and took to some serious road riding,Snap Daddy my old body held up well against the long rolling hills of the northern kettle moraine. I am loving it hope to get a 70 mile ride in on Friday!!"Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent”