Monday, August 17, 2009

Groove Family Cyclo Ride Scheduled for August 23rd

FINALY! After months of trying to get something together, the Big Cat and I have finaly scheduled a ride for this coming Sunday, August 23rd. I told him I needed to get something in that was #1: more than 25 miles, and #2: Had some hills to it so I could get my legs to a point where they wouldn't explode in the middle of Earth Ride. I think he delivered with a planned route from his house to damn near Kiel and back. He says it takes about 3 hours 15 minutes, but for my flabby arse we could be looking at a little longer (I think we're looking at about 50 miles).

If anyone's in the area and wants to tag along (this means you Jonny K), let me know. I'll post again after the ride... if I make it.




Anonymous said...

Tri Snap Giddy up BRO I will have you saying "I LOVE HILLS" when we are finished with this, bring an extra energy bar I hope to close it off with a cool down ride by the big pond, look forward to Sunday "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent”

Craigers said...

Snapped like a mutha. I love hills - i LOVE hills - i love HILLS. I'm just practicing. See you Sunday bro.